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Made of Magic: Magic Manifestation Course Registration NOW OPEN.

My whole entire life changed in September 2018 when I decided to FINALLY trust my intuition, do the hard thing, and call off my engagement. For SO long, I knew that my whole life and business were at a standstill because I was too afraid to listen, trust, and take action. I felt like such a fraud and I knew that I was completely out of alignment with who I was and where I was meant to be going. When I built up the courage to call off my engagement and leap into the unknown...the universe caught me. I was rewarded. And my entire life exploded into magic.
Everything in my business clicked. I made money like I never made before. I filled up programs, connected with dream clients, was presented with opportunities to travel, met my twin flame and fell wildly in love. All within a few months.
That's the magic.
You get to decide what your life and your story look like.
Get ready...👑😉⚡️

What you get:
  • 4-Weeks of Pre-Recorded Manifestation Video Lessons - one lesson drops each week starting August 23.
  • Journal Prompts + Guided Practices
  • Bonus: This first round will have a spot for you to ask questions + connect with Stephanie and other course takers

Early Bird Registration open until August 16, 2019.

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How to Start + Grow Your Podcast: A self-paced course by Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth

Okay so, you want to start a podcast (or you've recently started one) and you're overwhelmed by ALL THE THINGS because, duh, one google search will send you down the proverbial rabbit hole of a million different ways to start and grow a podcast. Trust me, I get it.

So, I put this course together because HONESTLY it's not as hard as it looks. I'm not kidding. When I started my podcast a year ago I literally had no idea what I was doing. I just put it together, put it out into the world, and figured it out as I went. BUT NOW...looking back...I know what worked and what didn't. I put together this course to let you in on everything I did and didn't do, exactly what you need to get started, and how I've been able to grow The Girl Kind Podcast (now Made of Magic: The Podcast) organically to over 111K downloads in its first year.

What you get:

  •  Video Modules on Pre-Launch, Launch, Growth, Interviewing, Sponsorship/Monetization and Mindset
  •  Downloadable PDF with all my tips, tricks, and strategies
  •  Confidence and tools you need to finally get started
  •  Opportunity to add a 1:1 45-Minute Session with Stephanie to ask any follow-up questions you have specific to your podcast!!

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